A simple command line Twitter client. https://gitlab.no/rune/tweet
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A NodeJs based (simple) Twitter client


Clone this repo with git clone http://gitlab.no/rune/tweet.git enter the folder and rename the file conf_empty.js to conf.js edit the file conf.js with your information.

Install the app with npm install -g.


Read tweets

tweet -r -u 'username' -n 2

-r for reading tweets. -u ‘username’ for the user to get tweets from eg. -u ‘_runeo’ to read my tweets. -n Number of tweets to read. If -n is omitted, reads 10 latest tweets.

tweet -s -t 'The tweet'

-s for sending tweet -t ‘The tweet’ the text to send. (as of this version, the app does not check number of chars!!)