A Python 3 script to update DNS on DigitalOcean. https://gitlab.no/rune/py-dyndns
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PY-DYNDNS is a small Python app that updates DNS records on you Digital Ocean account. This app is not as polished as its NodeJs counterpart DYNDNS, amongst other things you have to be able to find the domain id(s) of the domain(s) you wish to update.


Clone this repo with git clone https://gitlab.no/rune/py-dyndns.git. To get your API key, log in to your Digital Ocean account and click the API link at the top of the page. Follow the instructions! Edit the config.json file with your information.

Rename the config-template.ini to config.ini and fill in the values needed.

This is made based on Python 3 so you need Python3 to use it!


Change permission of the file to be excecutable chmod +x py-dyndns.py and run it with ./py-dyndns.py

  • To list all subdomains; ./py-dyndns.py -l
  • To show current IP's for domains in config.ini; ./py-dyndns.py -c
  • To add a new domain; ./py-dyndns.py -a
  • To show help; ./py-dyndns.py -h

To update all subdomains in config.ini run the app without arguments.

The best way to use this is with cron. To run the app every second hour create a cron job like this:

0 1-23/2 * * * py-dyndns.py >/dev/null 2>&1


  • Add IPv6
  • Add possibility to list sub domain(s) with domainid(s)
  • Add help text
  • Add possibility to update more than one domain